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✿ Kirin ✿
✿ 24 (Adult) ✿
✿Them/They ✿
✿ Australian ✿
✿ Ace-Lesbian ✿

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[Don't use or reupload my art without permission]

Yooooooo I'm Kirin!!! I never shut up but also never talk.
I really love talking about my oc's and creating stories with them- They all mean a lot to me :] !! Arts a huge hobby of mine I mostly do in my free time.
All my Stories and Oc's are located on my TH with more info on em!!I tend to use a lot of emoji's + emoticons when talking (esp on discord) as I have trouble expressing emotions through text and often come across as blunt if not lol. Can't really help it most times, so sorry if its annoying It just be like that.

Stuff I'm super into and love;

Oc's / Original StoriesFavorite animals; Frogs, Dinosaurs, Seals, Foxes, Tigers, Redpandas.
((I'm SUPER obsessed with Dinosaurs, Frogs and Seals aaa))
Content Creators; Technoblade, Yogscast, Sam & Colby.
Dont rlly watch many ppl tbh, mostly just livestreams lmao.
Games; I'm REALLLLYY into Overwatch. A normal amount (/s)
Its been 6+ years im still obsessed with this garbage franchise dont talk to me about it or I will never shut up. Yes my favorite character is a gorilla.
I play Minecraft, Skyrim, Terraria and Ark sometimes too idk.
Media; Mystery Skulls Animated, Any Spiderman movie idk. Pretty into The Mandela Catalogue, The Walten Files and DHMIS.Dont let my mass amount of warrior oc's fool you I hate warrior cats

Heads up; I’m neurodivergent and it rlly affects my life. I'm not comfortable listing my Disabilities/Mental illness's publicly BUT pls be patient with me!! (especially when replying lol I rlly suck with anxiety/memory) If you ever have a problem lmk!! ^^ I'm chill

Graphics design is my passion

Best video on the internet;

Please watch this. Have you ever seen something so beautiful it makes you cry? Everything down to the music, the little movement, the spin.......words cant describe the emotion it makes me feel.